Midnight Thoughts.

I still can't stand the way how so many people understand to live a life.
Is that really all of it? 
- Most of the life wondering what I want to be, 
wondering if it's enough and then working, working, working, 
a few weeks holiday per year, 
so I have enough money for the retirement when I'm old. Yes.
But I just have this one life and when I got old, 
there certainly is not enough money anyway, 
in addition to that I'm too old for doing cool stuff 
and looking back at my life, see how I've tried to come up with work. 
I was not born to just go to work, pay bills and die.
Yes, I want a regulated life, yes I always want to be safe 
and never want to be dependent on someone. 
But I want to have all this in a different way, 
working for a certain time to earn money 
for the jump into my next adventure. Live my one and only life now!
That's my meaning of life and when I am old, 
maybe I haven't got enough money, 
which I will figure out when the time is coming, 
but I'll look back and see all my adventures I've lived, 
all the places I've seen. 


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