truly free.

Well, I am 25 years old and sometimes I feel like, most of the time we’re living the life, which others expect us to live.
I’m not talking just about any strangers who’re throwing with their opinion of life.
No, it all starts with friends and family members who have expectations.
I mean probably the pressure of society leaves us no choice and everyone who’s not living the stereotype life is standing out of the crowd.
I was blaming the society all the time for that, but now I realised it’s impossible to change the society, to change every single person who criticized how you wanna live your life and even more important to make everyone happy with YOUR life.
Much more you can change yourself, if you change your mind, it will change everything.
Stop caring about what others think about you, because they do it anyway, stop justify your life by those who are not agree with it, because it will destroy you.
The moment you stop think about what others think of you and you start to live the way you want, is the moment in which you are truly free.



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